Element removal/filtering from list

Hey guys,

How can i remove an element that satisfies a given condition of a list which is inside a list, which in turn, is inside another list? (the elements to be removed are in the inner most lists, but i need the whole outer most list to be checked).

THank you in advance


Hi Guilherme,

There can be multiple possible approaches for your use case, it depends on what exactly you want. Possibly you will have to define an iterative logic

  • using the ListFilter (to filter multiple records followed with For Loop for additional nested logic)
  • use ListeIndexOf to get the index  of the record satisfying the condition 
  • use ListRemove to remove a specific record from (outer/nested) list

In short, I think with the use of available List helper actions you can implement your use case.

Can you share a bit more info about the challange you are facing in building the logic?

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Hi Benjith,

Thanks for the quick reply. 

I have an outer list (1st layer) that has a middle layer (2nd layer) comprised of several lists. These middle layer lists can then have another set of several lists (3rd layer) inside them where the field that i'm setting the condition for is.

My problem is that I can reach this field (inside 3rd layer) and evaluate it going down the first branch (1st list of the 2nd layer) but then the for each ends and doesn't go to next list of the 2nd layer.

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