how to get images using camera plugin

hello everybody

I have a problem with camera plugin, the truth is I don't know if is a problem with plugin or the plugin not have a function.

my problem is I can't recover de camera after the take a picture. 

yes the take a picture and display it, but when change the screen and return the same screen is not there the picture is losing, and check the functions in camera plugin and there is not functions like a getPicture or similar.

do yo know if in camera plugin have some function or I need another plugin, please help me.

Hello! Are you saving on the database the picture you took? You need to save on the database and then you need to fetch the values every time you get into the screen as you do normally for a form etc.

Hello, red nodes

I suggest you take a look at the camera plugin documentation  Camera Plugin

to try to analyze the step that is presenting your problem. 

and if it doesn't solve it, show how it's making the data search request to make it easier to understand.

You can take reference of this forge component dependency for getting images using camera plugin.

Hi @red Nodes,

As @marcio said, first you need to save the image in the database and then fetch it to show it again.

Attaching an OML for better understanding.

hope it helps.





@red nodes

You can try below OML logic.


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