How to achieve this design in table? The table needs to cover same value in different
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Hi All,

I would like to get some ideas or approaches to achieve something like this screenshot below:

Normally the table will have 1 single row header right, but users would like to show the table in this manner, perhaps anyone from the community could provide any suggestion or probably other kind of display or design?


I can think of two ways:

1) Make one container with 6 subcontainers. Add the column headers "Company A1", "Company A2", "Company A3" and "Total" to the 3rd till 6th subcontainer. Then create a table under it with the other headers and then content. Make sure the subcontainers' width is the same as the cells in the table.

2) Create a table with only the headers  "Company A1", "Company A2", "Company A3" and "Total", keeping the first 2 empty as shown by your design. Then add a web block in a cell with the full width of the table. This web block contains another table with the other headers ("Sales Account Number:", "Sales Account Description", etc.)


Michiel van Lokven

Hi @Michiel van Lokven , for option 2, does it mean to add 1 table for to put the webblock inside it and place it below the table with only the headers?

Exactly, Like this:

This does mean you need to be carefull with the width of the columns of each table. They need to be designed the same way, with the same fixed width per column. Otherwise the alignment will go wrong.



Hi @Michiel van Lokven , I am afraid/not sure the solution will works as intended or not because my table is dynamic width..

What determines if the width is dynamic? 

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