How to control the position of Popup
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When I am opening a popup, the position of the entire pop-up is the center of the screen.

Is there any way so that the popup will open on the right side of the screen?

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Hi @Ananya Ghosal ,

Can you please specify which popup are you using?

Or if possible can you share an OML?



[data-popup-backdrop] {

  display: flex;  justify-content: flex-end;  align-items: flex-start;  


This will open the popup on the top right side of the screen

and if you want it on the right centre of the screen you need on the align-items to put: centre. So the justify-content controls vertically and the align-items horizontally.

And if you want to remove the margins that do not have any space, do/copy this to your module's theme:

.popup-dialog {

margin: var(--space-none);


Try to put this CSS on your modules theme


We have forum post have a look at it.
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