Zulu time in SOAP message

Zulu time in SOAP message

I've created a extension that executes a webservice, when i use this extension in a C# test app on my local machine it uses Zulu time
 in datetime attributes in the SOAP-message, but when i execute within the Platform i get a time zone indication. 


Zulu time (from C# test app)

Same extension code executed from an eSpace


The receiving party accepts only Zulu time, how can I force this in my extension code?.

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Matthias Preuter
Hi Matthias, working on P4 eh? :) Can you provide us with a little more details? Are you using platform 4.2? What extension or code do you use to fill the CreationTimestamp?
We have found a sollution for this problem, you can find it here 


and here


The problem is that the default eSpace webconfig uses backward compatibility with .Net 1.1, when the dateTimeSerialization mode  is set to Roundtrip (.Net 2.0 default) the XML datetime format is in Zulu time.

Next week we will have our first end-to-end P4 test, you will hear the result@

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Matthias Preuter