[Bluetooth Serial Plugin] bluetooth serial plugin not listed devices
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hello everyone!!

I have problem with bluetooth serial plugin, not displayed my bluetooth devices from my cellphone, first  I show you my diagram to use it a plugin below:

you see I'm using the almost diagrama of the sample, with a little diference, using the ListPariedDevices, and the example show me the ListUnPariedDevices, I tested the two methods and not working, when turn on my bluetooth from my cellphone show me I have a one devices like this:

but when I try to run using the plugin, show me this messages like this:

you see the messages I display is from the diagram of the sample, I try to change diferent configuration about the example, but nothing working.

please give me and advice, thanks for your time.

Hi @red nodes,

Not all Bluetooth devices will be found by this plugin.

The Bluetooth device needs to support the serial protocol. You should be able to connect to Raspberry PI devices and HL6 modules for Arduino.


hello João Barata, how is it going!!!

thanks for your answer, but just let me understand well, you mean that  the in real app's, I can't manage bluetooth from my cell phone without raspberry PI and HL6 module for android, there is n't another way !?

thanks for your time

best regards. 

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