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HI tean,

I would like to know the process of sending email from reactive im not able to send mail im getting error like username and password issue


Akash Gunupudi.

Mail Issue.PNG

Hello @Akash Gunupudi ,

This error is because of incorrect Email ID or Password .Please set correct Email Id and Password in service center. 

Please check bellow links to how to send E mail : 

In additional to this you can watch this video for better understanding of the topic. 



Hi Anuli Hande,

with the same credentials im able to login gmail but with the same credentials not able to do email send why??


Akash Gunupudi.

If you haven't enable the app password then this can be a issue,

Now this wont work

you need to configure it

You need to generate app password and the you have to configure it 

check the above links shared

hi khan,

this thing is blocked in my gmail.

Yes this is because google has changed this now you will not see this,

Now you have to generate app password

Check @Mayank  post over here, step by step explained

or you can also check solution here 



Check your service center email configurations and SMTP details




i have given all the required credentials in the SMTP side if im wrong can you please send me the gmail smtp server details which i need to fill details in SMTP service center.



Hi Akash,

check your these configuration, I can't provide you SMTP server details 



Hello @Akash Gunupudi ,

You should generate a App password to resolve this issue. The generated password should be used as password while configuring in the service centre.


how to do that can you please guide me the flow

From the below link, follow the step to create the app password. you need to enable 2 step verification for creating the app password.\

You can also follow the below link for step by step implementation


Hello @Avinash  

Why sharing same links that have been share on the first comment? You can also refere it to them!

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