[OutSystems Data Grid] How do I programmatically select a row in DataGrid?
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I have a DataGrid that has editable columns, what I want to do is after I edit a cell, I want to select its row (like image below).

 I can't find an action to do this in the DataGrid client actions. How do I achieve this? Thanks

2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren

Hey Kenneth,

Thanks for bringing this up. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no way to achieve this, since we've discovered a little bug that affects this behavior. 

We'll add this to our backlog. 


Gabriel Lundgren


Hi Kenneth,

Probably the below-mentioned approach will help you with your use case.

  • To get the required grid behaviour, execute the below-mentioned JS in the Grid OnInitialize event handler action flow.

JS Snippet:

var gridObj = GridAPI.GridManager.GetGridById($parameters.GridWidgetId).provider;

gridObj.cellEditEnded.addHandler(function (s, e) {
var oldValue = e.data;
var newValue = s.getCellData(e.row, e.col);
  if (oldValue !== newValue) {
	gridObj._rows[e.row].isSelected = true;

Demo screen: DG_HighlightRowDataChangeTask

Refer to the attached oml file.

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


I tried to install your oml however it does not seem to work. Also applied the js script on my own application but no luck as well.

Although as I see it works on your Demo screen.

Is it possible due to Data grid version? I current have the latest version installed (2.8.0).


As Gabriel mentioned we'll add a new API to do this in a future release (under code ROU-3643)


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