TopMenu SubItem bug

Hi. I'm on Traditional Web. I want to add the new SubItem feature to the TopMenu. Unfortunately it looked like this instead. How do I fix it?

Widget Tree



Have you Updated the Outsystems UI to the latest version

You can use Submenu, it also have cliet action to control the behaviour of it

  • You have to take the dependencies from Outsytems UI
  • Link to check -
  • You can customize the CSS if you want some change

Check Oml Attached

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Hi I forgot to mention I'm on Traditional Web. I've fixed the post now.

Well it's not solved yet. I just forgot to mention that I'm on Traditional Web. Perhaps Reactive doesn't have this problem.

Hi @dtan1117 ,

The containers might be causing this behavior.
Try updating the OutSystems UI to the latest version and other related common modules too.
I have attached a sample OML (Traditional Web) file for your reference. 


Hi @dtan1117 ,

I hope this issue is resolved. If the issue still persists, you can share OML for further troubleshooting.

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