Outsystem Chart have wrong xAxis label when refresh the chart data(DataPointList)
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.9 (Build 61018)

Hi, I found out some strange things with Outsystems Chart, like the picture below, the chart displays the past 12 months data from the Variable "Year/Month", and users can use the "Year/Month" filter to select the variable "Year/Month".
ex: user select 2022/8, the chart shows 2021/8 - 2022/8's data
      user select 2022/2, the chart shows 2021/2 - 2022/2's data
As you can see, the data(bar) is correct while the XAxis label is not. I run the debug mode and see if the Chart input DataPointList is incorrect, but everything is fine, the label and data in the list are correct(2021/8 - 2022/8 and 2021/2 - 2022/2)
And this is my flow, when user selects a new month, the program will refresh the Aggregate and assign the new Aggregate.Output to DataPointList, the chart component will refresh by the new DataPointList and presented to user.

Is there any insight into this? Thanks!

Hi Cheng-Han,

can you share an oml demonstrating this.  

I'm trying to recreate your problem, but a quick test doesn't show the same problem.


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