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When we add ActionColumn  to our Grid all the rest of collumns dissapears from my grid and the only way I found to add the other collumns is to add one by one with ColumnText, CollumnDecimal etc.

My question is: Exists some another way more efficient to do this? Because I have plenty of collumns.

Thanks, Paulo Torres

Hello @Paulo Torres 

Could you please provide some additional information to allow us to try to help you:

  • Data Grid version
  • Sample module with the use case you mentioned, so that we can try to replicate

In order to have more control and customizations on the columns, you need to add them one by one since columns are OutSystems blocks like the ones you can do on any project. You can also have auto-generated columns but in that case, you'll lose several functionalities, so we truly advise using the blocks.

Best Regards,

I have the same problem. My json is:
"{"data":[{"Object":{"Country_Id":12,"Country_Name":"España"}}], "metadata":{ "Object":{  "Country_Id":"Int64" , "Country_Name":"Text"}}}"

And my data grid is:

And now, only y watch ActionColum:

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