[Forge] Kafka Apache Connector, how to use it?

Hello All,

I have a question about this forge. 

In the send logic, i need to put 4 parameters,
Broker, Connection to string, topic, and group name.

Can anyone tell me about the connection to string, and also the group name?

 Thank you so much in advance guys!

Best Regards,

Hello Bhetrand,

Have you tried sending empty parameters (as you are showing in the image)? If it didn't work I'm attaching an altered version of the connector that, although it still has the inputs, if you send them empty values in the ConnectionString and in the GroupName it will work.

Hope it helps,

Miguel Amado

Kafka Apache Connector.oap

Hello Miguel,

thanks for the reply..

I tried sending empty parameters as i shown in the image, and it doesnt work.

Now i will try your altered version :D

I will try it and tell you if is it work or not as soon as possible..

Thankyou Miguel, really appreciated it!

Hello Miguel, i tried it, but still not get the result message, or maybe im doing wrong steps?
Please help me..
Thankyou very much 

Hey Bhetrand,

I only changed the "Send" action. Didn't adapt the receive. Do you have another way to see if the message that you send is in the Topic? 

I'll see if I eventually find the time to adapt the receive action also.

Best Regards,

Miguel Amado

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