How to sort a manually created table header
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Hi All,

I would like to have dynamic sorting in my table header that was created manually like how usually the dynamic sorting widget works for table records. By manually I mean I am using this table widget below to create a table showing as a table header row for my table records.

For table records (I hide the table header in table records widget), I am using the below widget to display my content/values.

And I am using the script to append the manual/custom table header using this script below:

But the problem is, the dynamic sorting widget is not working like usually how the dynamic sorting widget is placed in the table records' header row.

Hi @J u n i o r 

You can use input varible and set that input variable inside aggregate for sorting. And on every click of header column pass the values accordingly so that dynamic sort will work.

Hi Junior,

You can refer this link Sorting.



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