Application theme color won't be set automatically
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.10 (Build 61105)
Platform Version
11.16.0 (Build 35766)

I have no idea when this problem started.
To reproduce with following procedure.

- Platform Server 11.16.0 (Personal Environment)
- OutSystems UI 2.10.0
- OutSystems Templates Reactive 2.6.5
- Service Studio 11.53.10

1. Create a new Reactive Web App with icon image. Dropper icon indicates the color from image automatically.

2. Click Create Module button without any modification in the next step. A new module editor tab opens.

3. Add a new screen with Empty template and open style editor. Application theme style sheet which was created automatically in old days doesn't exist here. And the module's primary color is default and not same as the color specified in step 1.

By any chance, is the problem only with my site?
Or does anyone know there are any plans to correct the problem?

Moriya Takasi

Strangely enough, when selecting icon-image in theme editor after above procedure, the background of Login screen changes chart image like below.

What is this?


Yes, I noticed this behavior last week and reported it to OutSystems, this seems to be a bug.

Just make sure you report this through the feedback button in Service Studio, the more people report the same issue, the quicker it hopefully gets fixed.

Hello Daniël, 

Thank you for your responding. I sent feedback from Service Studio.

@Takasi Moriya as a workaround you can change using the theme editor.
Check the images, please.

Hope it helps.


Hello Alex,

Thank you for providing a workaround. I'll try it.

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