Dummies guide to install?

Dummies guide to install?

I've been trying to follow this guide to get Outsystems up and running but have run into some stumbling blocks.   

I've been doing programming at large shops where all the infrastructure was done and we just had to code (I've been doing java), so this is  a little bit of a leap for me.

Win 7 machine
I've got IIS server installed  (anyway to know if I got installed and running correctly?)
I've got Sql server installed. (anyway to know if I got installed and running correctly?)

I've Created an OutSystems database Catalog  (note my Sql server is not localhost\OUTSYSTEMS; it is computerName\SQLEXPRESS)  I'm assuming it is ok.
Installed Platform Server but I'm unable to open the configuration tool.    The program doesn't open up; no error message.

What now?

I've tried to bring up ServiceCenter and get the following:

HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Detailed Error Information
Module IIS Web Core
Notification MapRequestHandler
Handler StaticFile
Error Code 0x80070002
Requested URL http://localhost:80/ServiceCenter/
Physical Path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ServiceCenter\
Logon Method Anonymous
Logon User Anonymous

Is this an Outsystems issue or IIS setup issue?


did you donwload the community version? http://www.outsystems.com/download/full/

If you didn't, you should :). Its the fastest and easiest way to get everything working and configured.

If more help needed feel free to ask,

The version you link to isn't the community version.  It is only good for 30 days.
"Get the Agile Platform™ in your server, free for 30 days."

Am I missing something about that?
The download is for the full platform, which is exactly what you want. When you upload a licence to it (community or paid) the 30 day trial is irrelevent.
Hi Weis, 

When you download the full version from the link I gave you  you'll get a 30 days Trial version license, but...

you can upgrade to the community version (Lifetime free version of the platform) or you can upgrade to a payed version.

for more details on the licensing check this link http://www.outsystems.com/agile-platform-order/ or ask. The community is here to help.