[Case Management framework] Add a human activity to a workflow builder converted project
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I have a case management project converted from a workflow builder, where all the processes and their configuration have been built automatically. I need to add one human activity to the flow, I need the required steps to add the activity since the converted project is very complicated and a lot of configurations and related tables exist. 

Hi Ebrahim,
You just need to add the Human Activity and change or append the related case status and configurations in the CaseStatusConfiguration Table.

Thanks @Deepak Kumar Yogi for your reply. 

I need some guidance on this since there are multiple config tables that were created automatically and I have no idea about some values such as the "AcivityDefinitionSSKey" 

Are the ActivityDefinition, CaseAction, and the CaseStatus the only table to append?

@Kawthar Ebrahim Can you please share the Oml. so that i can investigate more

Please find the OML of my CS module. Converting a workflow builder to a service studio project will help you have a project similar to mine. 


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