Hi :)

When OutSystems launched the OutSystems 6.0, one of the apps was the Website app.

I want now to start building a prototype app, based on that Website app, but that app is no longer on your site.

Is this temporary or OutSystems have pulled out Website app permanently ?



Hi João,

The Website app has been discontinued for the time being, because it was decided that it did not best showcase what people nowadays expect to be the structure of a Website (based on Content Management Systems) and we were concerned that people would think you could only create these "fixed-state" Websites using the Agile Platform, which is obviously not the case. :)

[ EDIT: This application is now available for download as a component ]


Someone really needs to sit down one day and put together a decent CMS with Agile Platform! I keep tripping over the templating issue, you don't want folks to have to use Service Studio to edit templates, and the other options (a blank page with a single expression on it to do text replacement, all layout done in CSS) is not as attractive either.