dynamic sms app


New to SMS applications, I would like to know if it is possible in AP to create an application where endusers of the application can set up a message (create the text), choose the the mobile phones from a recordlist and ... determine what actions must follow (a.g. another message) after getting the response (command?). Looking at AP you can design this functionality but I would like the enduser in control of it all.

Any thoughts, ideas, remarks would be welcome.

Regards, Harry  
Hi Harry,

Yes, it's possible to create a relation between a webflow, where the user can interact with recordlist, and an SMS flow to start a SMS session with the user.

Attached you can check a simple sample about this.

Paulo Garrudo
Hi Paulo,

Thank you very much for sending the oml. It helps me to understand the idea behind sending SMS. MSG could be filled from another entity (so users could set up 'standard' messages and select one before dending the sms). so that way you can have a way of sending 'dynamic' messages. What I don't quite understand how to set up dynamic response. I want  a user to say: I want the SMS text to be: answer 1 to get the price, answer 2 to get the date. And then, when the returnmessage is 1 another message with the price is send, etc. Any idea if this is possible (without developers involved to build the sms flows - it must be maintained by the user)?

Regards, Harry