SAP VS2010 and Windows 7 setup


I am trying to get the raphael SAP connector to work, setup is Windows 7 IIS and Visual Studio 2010. I am getting error "unable to load librfc32.dll"... HRESULT: 0x8007007e

I tried reviewing the current documentation available and think it has to do with the 32 bits connector running on the 64 bits server.

Basically I have 2 questions:
1- Is there a setup guide for the sap connector using VS2010 and Windows 7
2- Is it possible to work with connector 3.0 64-bits

I've never used the SAP connector, but I do remember seeing in the documentation issues about using SAP connector in 64 bit environments. I'm not sure it's even possible atm.

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Yes, I found some documentation. But it is outdated.

There is a connector 3.0 available that is 64 bits.

If you want I can provide documentation and the connector itself.

For me it is unclear if and how this can be implemented in visual studio 2010 as I am only a simple mind!



Hi Erwin,

To run the 32bit connector on a 64 bit server you need to have the eSpace(s) that uses the extension in a 32bits application pool.
Go to IIS Manager, create an Application Pool, set it to Classic Pipeline Mode and in advanced settings "Enable 32-Bit Applications" set to True.
Then set the eSpace virtual directory to use that application pool you just created.

If that error was inside Visual Studio, try setting the target of the build to x86 instead of Any.

(Also make sure the librfc32.dll is correctly installed and available either on the extension or in the System32)

It is possible to use connector 3.0, but you need to do all the extension code manually as the API's are all different and the SAP Wizard in Integration Studio won't work.
(Sorry can't help you much on that one)

João Rosado

I have set the target to x86, still the same error.
How do I check if the librfc32 was correctly installed?




Last week I spent an hour with Erwin troubleshooting the problem in Windows 7 (64 bits) / Visual Studio 2010.

The problem was in the librfc32.dll dependencies and not in the library it self. The missing libraries were: msvcr71.dll, msvcp71.dll. (As far as I know these libraries are distributed with the .Net Framework 1.1).

After placing these missing libraries at Windows\SysWOW64\ directory we were able to avoid the error.

João Portela

I am a bit lost on this issue, is it possible to use the sap .connector 3.0 with Outsystems?
Hi Rodrigo,

Yes, it is possible to use (.Net9 SAP Connector 3.0 using an extension, but you'll have to implement the code yourself since SAP Wizard (Integration Studio) generates code for SAP Connector 2.0.

João Portela
".Net Framework 1.1"

Well, there's your problem!

.NET 1.1 *isn't* supported in Windows 7 (nor Windows 8).

You can install it, but you'll need to slipstream SP1 first:

Those instructions are for Windows 8 but they should work for Windows 7.

If the link above doesn't work, google for "install .net 1.1 windows 8"
Hi Carlos,

No one said you needed to install .net 1.1
I actually would recommend against it. (Specially on unsupported systems)

Those libraries should be from C++ 2003 Redistributable and you should be able to download that from Microsoft (or by googling the dlls and downloading them directly).

João Rosado
Normally I would agree that installing unsupported software is a bad idea, but using random DLLs from the Internet is even worse.

The thing is, after installing the streamlined .NET Framework 1.1 SDK, Windows 7 (or 8) will look for and install any updates for it, most importantly it will install any security updates that may exist. If you simply grab the DLLs from somewhere on the Internet, you won't get any updates.

And, installing the .NET 1.1 Framework SDK is the only legal way to get the Visual Studo C++ 2003 Redistributable that includes the msvcp71.dll file, short of actually installing Visual Studio 2003 which installs the .NET 1.1 Framework SDK anyway and is not supported in Windows 7 either.

Also, if I recall correctly, SAP .NET Connector 3.0 is designed to use and only officially supports the .NET Framework 1.1. And likely not supported in Windows 7.

Guess you're stuck using unsupported software! :)
Hi again,

I was just raising a warning that installing .net 1.1 is a really bad idea and that I (personally) do not recommend it.

1- They are called Redistributable. Its legal for sofware to redistribute them.
Some documentation about it:
As you can see in the documentation, they should be distributed with the librfc files from SAP as required by microsoft.

2- There won't be any updates for a discontinued framework so that is not an issue.

3- There are safer ways to get it, like installing on a virtual machine and just copying the 2 required files, for example.

3- Sap Connector 3.0 supports .net 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 and requires VC++ 2010 redistributables

João Rosado