Reset date range selection with new Date Picker Range
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.10 (Build 61105)

I have updated Date Picker range with new widget provided - documentation mentioned below

how to we reset selection for the date Range with this new widget?


Hello @Malvika 

You have to first take dependency from OutsystemsUI and there is a Client action DatePickerClear

  • Then you need add a local variable of text type that will hold the value of the input widget that you will get on OnSelect event handler.
  • After getting the value Assign the WidgetId of your input date to the local variable that you have created.
  • Then On a button call a client action and on the action flow drag and drop DatePikerClear Client action
  • Here you need to assign the Id of your widget that you have stored in your Local variable.
  • And its done.

I am attaching Oml file that can also help you


I hope this will help.

Best Regards,

Tousif Khan




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