Grab text from another site

Grab text from another site


am new to the OutSystems platform. How do I get data from another site and put in my application?
Example: Within my application has a Inframe that opens a page from another site with some texts. Gotta catch a few words of text and display in my application.
Hi Paulo,

I didn't get what exactly you need.

If you need an iFrame, you can use an expression with the "Escape Content" property set to "No", and use the iframe tag inside it.
If you already have an iFrame and you just need to parse some content that it's already inside it, that can be achieved through the use of JavaScript. Example:

function getFrameContents(){ var iFrame = document.getElementById('id_description_iframe'); var iFrameBody; if ( iFrame.contentDocument ) { // FF iFrameBody = iFrame.contentDocument.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]; } else if ( iFrame.contentWindow ) { // IE iFrameBody = iFrame.contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]; } alert(iFrameBody.innerHTML); }

Best regards,
With the RichMail extension you can perform a HttpGet to get a webpage from another location. Perhaps that'll help you?