Deploy problems with Server Zones
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We have on-premise platform with different Deploy Controller Server, and some Front End servers.

Each front server related with different deployment server zone.

For example let it be 2 servers:

ServerAP_01(s01) and ServerAP_02(s02) servers

and 3 deployment zones

ZoneCommon(both servers), Zone1(s01), Zone2(s02)

So today we get a problem, when we restarted ServerAP_02, then the developers started to geting errors while they had deploing espaces, that belongs to Zone1

Deployment Error

Unable to contact Deployment Service on Front-end Server ServerAP_02.

And we found, that if we Disable server ServerAP_02 in ServiceCenter/Administration/FrontEndServers, then deploys on espaces from Zone1 will be successefull.

So does anyone knows why this mechanism behaves like this?

Why deployment controller checks health of servers, with others Zones while deploys into needed zone?

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