Export excel sheet using timers


I have a doubt regarding how to export data from outsystem into excel using timers. I want this functionality to only run at specified time.

Below is the sample file on which I want to try this functionality.

Thank you in advance


Hi Athulya Panicker ,

First of all when we define a timer it take two  parameter.

First  is 'Action'  :  In action we must define what kind of work we want do when timer will run.

Second is 'Schedule' :  In Schedule we define when timer will run .

So here I want to  run timer  daily at 8:00 am and export all student data  into excel .

Then first I create a server action (ExportToExcel) .

in this server action create one output parameter (ExcelFile) data type  (Binary Data).

in server action use "Record List To Excel " widget for export  data into excel .

"Record List To Excel " widget  return an output of Binary data type, then we assign this output into ExcelFile output variable.

Now, Timer will run daily 8:00 am and export all student data .

After this here I add one more thing that is , when timer export data into excel then i store this data into a new Entity ( ExcelData )

So ,when timer will  run it export Data into excel and also save Excel data in newly created Entity with current Date.

and I also create one more listing screen where all excel data show according export data.

and a download button ,so when we click on download , we are able to download excel data by date.

Here is the video link , How to export excel and download it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFrD54mhgiM

if you are stuck anywhere please watch video also

I update your oml ,please check it.



Hi Athulya Panicker,

We can use only server action in Timer's property due to that we can't download the excel file direct(Download widget is available at screen side only) but using mail you can download the excel file.




hope this will help you..

Kind Regards


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