Outsystems 11 - Reactive Web App - Date Picker show only the Calendar
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.10 (Build 61105)

Hello Folks!

How do I make ONLY the calendar show in the "Date Picker" component and the page already load with it open/visible? See the example below.

Rizzo, B.


Hi Brunno,

What are you trying to accomplish here, do you want just a simple calendar or you want to use the selected date?

Hey, hi Antônio!

Thanks for answering me! You were surgical in your question: what I need is just the calendar, maybe two, to make a selection of dates in a certain period, like on the airlines websites when we choose a start and end date of travel ( but in my case it will be used to show information regarding the specified time period)...


@Brunno Rizzo
If you want to display only the calendar. but not with a date picker functionality. then, you can use the FullCalendearReactive forge component, you can customize it if you want


Hope this will helpful



Thanks for the point, but I need a smaller calendar, similar to the DateRange Component but showing only the small calendars...

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