Create a web page to show a row of data from table A & all related data from table B

I am extremely new to OutSystems, have downloaded the system but done no training.

At its simplest, I have the following, imported from ms-excel

Table Membership containing Members

Table Payments containing Payments associated will all Members

There is a foreign key MEMBER_ID that connects these 2 tables

There are also 3 reference data tables that codify members & payments.

In OutSystems, I simply want to create web pages as follows

- web page to display all Members from table Membership

- on selection of an individual Member, display all the Payments associated with this individual Member & allow editing, deletion & creation of new payments for this individual Member

- display the totals associated this these Payments, grouped by year, transaction type etc...

This ought to be achievable in a few minutes, based on my use of other technologies


I have previously worked as a developer.

I have previously created this simply functionality in several other online tools & technologies - I just want to see how easy it would be in OutSystems, but I have failed so far.



The best way is to first go throug the Guided path first so that you will know about OutSystems, there are exercises availabe you can go through them.

You can also go to My platform and check out the application that are built on OutSystems

Best Regards

Tousif Khan


I will look at this link  & try again.

I know I can do this very simply in other on-line tools & by using 'code'.

I want to ensure that OutSystems can be genuinely 'code-free' rather than 'code-lite' for something as simple as this, before getting into any real complexity.

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