How To list data from multiple tables

How To list data from multiple tables

Hi all,

I am working in a project that deals with workshops providing different types of Services.

WorkShop A supplies Geral Services A, B and C
From these Geral Services, GService A has SubService X, Y and Z
And From these SubServices exist SubServicesInDetail Q, W, E

More Clearly:
WorkShop Citroen
Geral Services: Mechanics, Parts and Tires
SubServices: Parts(glass, lights, batteries, mirror)
SubServicesInDetail: Part->Glass(Glass Position)
SubServicesInDetailOptions: Part->Glass->Glass Position(Front, Rear, Lateral)

In attachment you can see the DB diagram.

No I would like to show all the Services from a Geral Service having a similar view that the one depicted in the picture in attachment.

I have manages this by listing all SubServices and for each subservice that have SubServicesInDetails display the details using a Webblock. However I cannot get the same appearance as the one depicted in the picture. I only get a list with no access to the items listed from the WebBlock.

Is there any SQL query that I can do to display the data and treat it and display it like it is in the picture?

I appreciate any help or if you could give me any other posts similar to this one so I can learn from them.

Thanks in advance.