Menu and Submenu in 6.0

Menu and Submenu in 6.0


how to
use the static MenuItem entity in two (or more) espaces? In espace_1 I have two menus: Home and Configurations, and I have in espace_2 Menu: Times.

The idea is to have a space with all that is common to the application.
And each espace has its menus and submenus (stored in static entity MenuItem).


Hi Vitor,

why don't you use the same menu and the same menu static entity in all the espaces? if I understand your problem, you can add a property to the static entity like 'eSpace' : text, and in each eSpace you set this variable with the eSpace name, than in the menu you just have to add the validation to the items if(eSpace = "espace_1") inside that validation you put all the menus that belongs to eSpace1 and so on... use site properties in the validation parameter, just to do not have hard coded.

hope I've helped!

best regards
João Martins
Hi João,

Thank for the

I will try this option.