Recent items logic in service studio

Hi all, 

anyone who can shed some light on the recent items logic in service studio

It seems recent items logic ( is added in the show screens depending on the existing of the record it is showing.
Does not seem to make sense, I would expect this in the create/edit screens.

Is this a bug? I'm developing on platform server, richwidgets etc.

Hi Hans,

You are right that it might not be very obvious. Let me try to explain the rational behind this:
The recent items pattern was added to 6.0 as something that can improve the usability of applications. If you think about how users interact with web applications (e.g. gmail, facebook, salesforce, basecamp, SAP, etc...) you'll see that most of the time we're working in "read" mode. Also "show" pages seem a lot safer than edit pages, where you are just a button away of changing something. 
As a side note, bear in mind that although it might seem that it is a lot easier, from a development maintenace point of view, to skip the creation of show pages and only create edit pages, from an usability point of view this is often not the best approach. In most cases the best approach is to put the most common actions (e.g. approve, add comment...) in that show page. 
As such we've decided by default to only add show pages to the recent items list.
Of course your application and your user stories might be a bit different, and if that is the case you can always change the preparation of your screens to have the beahviour you want.
(The if in the preparation is just a protection to see if the object has been deleted since it was added to the recent items list)
Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago, 

thanks for the explanation. This makes it a bit clearer. I also now understand that the recent items is a 'most recently used' items list, and not a 'recently added/new' list :)

While on the subject, can you explain how the recent items remove action works? Does it just pop the most recently added item off the list? Or the current page/object if it exists?

Is there a way to clear the list? 

Hi Hans,

The RecentItem_Remove action works by removing the entry that is pointing to the current request URL.
There is no way to clear the list, but if you open richwidgets you will be able to see how recent items work and if you need special functionality you can just copy all that to a special eSpace and then just do replace usages of the webblock and the actions in your existing applications.

Tiago Simões