How to use jQuery UI elements

How to use jQuery UI elements

Hi All,

I want to start using several of the nice features of jQuery UI (
I've seen that all the JS files are already loaded in OS platform, but can't get the darn things to work.

Any explanation/sample welcome :-)
By the way, using v6.0
Hi Joop,

In your RichWidgets eSpace, there's a WebBlock called jQueryUI in the Private Flow.

Make it public, reference it and use it in your applications :)

I tried to do that, but no luck, could you provide a sample to create the slider from UI
Hi there,

If i understand your question, what you want is this.

osjs(function() {
$( "#slider" ).slider();
Yep, but I can't get it to work ...
Can you send OML if you have it working in v6.0
Here is a widget that uses the jquery ui functionality.  It may need some formatting but the basics are there.  This is courtesy of Hugo Pinheiro. 
Hi Rebecca, 

This one doesn't use ANY of the OutSystems components.
It has its own jQuery file. I want to to use the internal OutSystems components to avoid different jQuery versions in one page.

Anybody from OutSystems can explain how to use the incorporated jQuery UI stuff ... please some sample OML

Hi Joop,

First of all, I know OutSystems already distributes jQuery (and jQueryUI in some RichWidgets widgets).
Even though it is possible to use them, the recomended is to include an external version to avoid any future conflicts with upgrades of the platform.

Personally, I won't give an example on how to reuse our distributed version of the jQueryUI, since that requires the modification of a System Component.

There are many ways of doing that some used already on the examples in this thread. Some other sugestions and discussion can be found here.
The biggest problem is actually not the different versions (since OutSystems jQuery is loaded with noConflict) but actually an aspect raised by António Chinita on the thread I just linked: "Uniformization of every jQuery implementation in the community."

That problem I would personally like to solve (possibly on the near-future), not by using the jQuery in the platform but by having a good component that could be reused by everyone.

João Rosado
João's response is sound, but if you really, REALLY want to have an idea of how the current version of the platform does the refresh with slide, in a nutshel it does so by calling in Javascript


followed by


Please note that this is a HUGE simplification of the steps we do client-side, is untested and unsupported and may have side effects.

But I thought I'd just satisfy your curiosity somewhat. :)

Hi Joop, 

Sorry about the delay. 
Attached is an eSpace with what you're looking for.

Had to dig through some old files to find that eSpace.
You reference the jQueryUI webblock from RichWidgets, and then call the .slider inside a function passed to osjs, like Hugo Jesus said.

One of the reasons I don't use that often, is that it seemed (at the time) that it was messing all my popup editors.
So you better check if it's hapening to you as well (calling popups from the same page where a slider is). 
To me it is still unclear why OutSystems provides such a big jQeury file and doesn't do much with it.
If you want to use the "built-in" jQuery together with off the shelf plugins, you have to manipulate the plugin to work together with osjs.js ...
Would be nice to have an option to be able to shut off the built-instuff.

You mean a totally different thing: sliding in the mobile platform part... I mean the jQuery UI SLIDER component.
And by the way, the sliding in the mobile part is awful, it doesn't perform, doesn't look right. Needs to be redesigned by you guys, really !

I'll try this one out to see if I can get a grips on what you're doing. Still weird to have other jQeury loaded additionally .. Would be so nice that OS keeps up with the latest version of jQuery :-)
Edit: Antonio, It doesn't work !!
Joop, yes it does.
Can you be a little more specific about why it doesn't work for you?

Besides, in that eSpace, if you notice there is not a single resource file. So it's not loading any extra files, using just the platform's files. :)
Yep I see, but this is what I see ...
Don;t knwo what's wrong Platform

So no slider
That much I could guess from your previous answer. :D

What about console logs/warnings? Can you see any?
@Joop: Just a quick question, did you make the jQueryUI webblock from the Private Web Flow in RichWidgets public?

Best regards,
Webblock is public, nothing to see in servicecenter logs ... using Chrome to browse, v6.0.0.12 platform server
Joop, what about Chrome's JS console?

Those kind of errors usually show there, since they're JavaScript. Anything unusual there? :)
How to add two values in text box and display the sum in another text box using jquery or java script.
Can anyone explain me on this.

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