Popup editor window close

Popup editor window close

Hi all,

I'm having a rather annoying bug when a popup window closes. Sometimes (yes, I was not able to find a pattern yet), after the Popup_Editor_Close action, instead of closing, the window turns grey with nothing in it. Looks like whatever is inside closes fine but a shadow remains on the screen (it only disapears when, on the main window, I navigate to another screen).

Does anyone gone through something like this?


PS. Oh yes, I'm using the Agile Platform version
Hi Nuno,

There was a problem with the popup resize that would cause the shadows to stay (in IE only).
It is alredy fixed in the RichWidgets from the System Components with

Make sure you have the correct version published and that you are not using any custom/legacy scripts to resize the popups.

João Rosado
Thanks for the reply João.

Still didn't solve my problem. A few remarcs:

1. I'm using version Agile Platform web widgets and base themes (I believe it's the latest one within the System_Components solution) with platform server
2. I'm testing with Chrome and the problem is also there
3. I'm using the Popup_Editor widget but I'm not resizing the popup
4. I can't find a System Components version

I'll continue to investigate but, at the moment, I have no clue...
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