Image in tab client side (Richwidgets)

Hi there,

I want to know what is the simpliest way to add a image to a client side tab (rich widgets).
I am trying to do something like, If the info that I have inside the tab contains errors then the tab appears for example General Info (and a red bullet, indicating that it contains errors).

I am "playing" with class property and I am achieving some results, but the problem is that I don't want to change the richwidgets eSpace and css.

Maybe the best way is to do a new tab page based on for example jQuery.

Thanks for your attention.

Best reggards,
Nuno Mendes

Hi Nuno,

you can include HTML in your "title" extended property.
This means you can put an "if" that returns an <img> tag, for example, in case there are errors.

No need for jQuery, plain Javascript or CSS. :)
Hope it helps.

Eg. "<img src=""img/cancel_48.png"" style=""width: 16px; height: 16px""/> Tab_Title_Here"

Hi Chinita,

Thanks for the help.
I have already tried something like Tab_Title + <img... /> in the extended property, but that doesn't work.

Works like a charm!

Thanks one more time.

Best Reggards,