Embed Username and password in URL

Embed Username and password in URL

Before you excited and tell me it's a bad idea... please understand my app is within a very secure intranet and is not a security risk.

I want to track which user (one of my staff) adds notes in my database and so I need them to logon.... but I want them to be logged in automatically from another piece of software (Gemini) which I've setup to have the same user and password details.
To explain further...
1. The user logs into Gemini (not an Outsystems app)
2. The userid and password can be extracted from Gemini and added to the URL of my outsystems app

So I have a way of knowing who the user is and their password and because they match the outsystems credentials I want to generate a url in Gemini to go straight to my Outsystems app and log them in with the known credentials.
Looking on the www it seems the syntax ought to be http://user:password@localhost/OutsystemsApp/ but it doesn't work....
Can it be done, does anyone know the syntax?
Many Thanks

It's still a bad idea for numerous reasons Gary, despite how secure that intranet might be the bottom line is, people are evil.
I'm not going to sugest any alternatives, as you specifically said you wanted it to work that way and I don't know how much you can customize that Gemini software, so don't worry, I'm not gonna go on a rant here. :)

Anyway, to do that you probably need to create an Outsystems screen that receives the two input parameters (with anonymous permissions) and validate the credentials in the preparation of that screen. If they match, redirect to the destination screen, if they don't send an error message or w/e you think fits.

Then your link should be something like http://hostname/eSpaceName/LoginPage.aspx?u=username&p=password (assuming your parameters are named u and p)

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Just to add one more word in last post... remeber to encrypt those parameters.
Hi Guys,
Thanks for your help - I'll give it a go..!