Ajax and refreshing the page

Ajax and refreshing the page

Here is a good one for you.   I have a web block(WEB BLOCK  1) that contains a radio button widget and a input widget.  The input widget is to be initially hidden in a container.  I want to click the radio button which displays the input widget right next to the radio button by refreshing the page using the Ajax widget.  Easy right?  Now I put WEB BLOCK 1     into another web block(WEB BLOCK 2) and then I put WEB BLOCK 2 on to a web screen. Do I need to refresh WEB BLOCK 2 and the web screen to refresh everything in order for the input widget to display?  If the answer is "YES", how do I refresh WEB BLOCK 2 and the web screen from clicking the radio button in WEB BLOCK 1.
Thanks in advance!


You shouldn't need to refresh any of the outer blocks to get that to work. If you hook up the onChange of the RADIO to an action on the block that refreshes the container that has the input (and makes it visible), that should be enough to get it to work regardless of how far down block inclusions it may be.