Very cool powered-by-OutSystems startup story: ICI CHECK (Netherlands)

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share with you a cool idea brought to fruition by the passion of an entrepreneur and the technology of OutSystems.

As someone who has a shoebox full of receipts and warranty cards just in case that blender or hair dryer gives up the ghost before warranty is up, ICICHECK’s proposition is an absolute Egg of Columbus to me: having a unique system where all my purchases are immediately registered and where any warranty claim processes are streamlined is certainly something I wish I had access to!

Well, seems like that may be now possible in the Netherlands. ICICHECK dreamt the dream and OutSystems provided the technology for it to fly: a great combination by any counts!

You can read about the project details and how Rob Engler (ICICHECK’s CEO) feels about the collaboration with OutSystems on today’s News&Updates at

Keep those out-of-the-box (in my case, literally) ideas coming!

That's a very nice concept. I would certainly use it.
Glad to hear the platform is being used as the backbone for innovations like that, instead of just the more common Enterprise Web Application provider. 

A few more like these I'm sure would help more and more enterpreteneurs come up with some neat ideas/usages for the platform.

Congratulations to Rob Engler and Outsystems :)