Comunity edition limitations

Comunity edition limitations

In the platform versions overview, under "unlimited web users" it says:
"With the Community Edition you will be able to create any number of production or development environments with an unlimited number of users, but each will be limited to 1 Server."

How do i setup a production environment?
I only found the "running mode" in the server configuration
but if i set this to production, its not a development system anymore?

the other problem i have (maybe because its a development server?)
when i try accessing the cases application from the internet, i get the error:
"401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials."
If i try accessing the domain directly (without "/Cases") i get the ISS7 image (W2k8)

and finally, i extended the cases application a little and it can now send emails, yeey =)
the thing is, it shows "Sent from a Web application built with the OutSystems Agile Platform" at the bottom of the mail
which might be cool for friends and co-workers, but some customers might react a little sensitive
is this part of the community edition? and/or how can i remove it for certain mails?

thank you!
Hi Manuel,

Here's a few pointers on your questions:

1) Setting up a production environment is, indeed, just setting the "running mode" to Production. This will cause eSpace complilation to be optimized but you won't be able to debug on that server;

2) This 401 error sounds strange, and leads me to believe that you may have some weird settings on your IIS that don't play well with the platform. If you have installed the Cases app successfully, accessing servername/Cases should work seamlessly. If you can't find out anything, I suggest you contact OutSystems support for them to help you track down the problem;

2b) Accessing the "root" of the domain will yield the IIS landing page because, by default, the platform does not install any application on the App Server root. You can pick one of your apps to exist in the root too if you install the SEO filter;

3) The footer you mention isn't hardwired. It simply exists in the default template for Emails. Simply change the Common\Layout_Email Web Block and all your emails (new and old) will conform to the new template.

Hope this helps,

hi miguel, thanks for your reply

1. so im not able to have 1 development and additionally 1 production environment?

2. interesting indeed (thanks for the hint) - i checked ISS settings and tried enabling digest authentication
now it seems to work partially =) i can login and it recognizes me and displays my name, but then i get "Invalid Permissions" in the platform interface
ill try support - thank you

2b. yes i was expecting this, i mentioned it as a remark that not everything seems to blocked

3. i thaught so too at first, but in the Layout_Email i only have a "Title Placeholder" and "Main Content Placeholder"
then i thaught about the widget tree and found it =)
is this maybe a different bug? that it wont display the footer in the main pane
Hi again,

1) Yes you can: you'll need 2 different machines with Community Edition licenses, one for Dev and one for Prod;

3) The footer message appears on the Layout_Email block to me correctly. Are you sure you scrolled the screen down and to the right completely?


yep, scrolled completely to the end
i get the same issue on other webblocks, screens etc
but normally enabling outline mode will fix it, except for this case =/

thank you