Email - ListRecord with webblock

Email - ListRecord with webblock

Good morning,

I'm sending emails containing a ListRecord within a WebBlock that depending on the current record... 

however, the email recipient does not receive anything that comes in the record list ...
When this is done in a normal webPage it works great.....
I wonder if there are any limitations at the level of sending email in version 5.0, which does not allow to use this mechanism

Best Regards

Bruno Rebelo

I don't think there should be any limitation on that count: it should work.

I wonder if your block content doesn't contain some data that is dynamically loaded and not accessible from the email client machine... Can I suggest that on the SendEmail node you set "Log Content" to Yes and, after sending an email, check the Email Log to see what the payload looks like from within the server machine?

If it looks good on the logs but not on the client, then  there may be an access limitation between the mail client and some other place.

Let me know,