dropdown menu for agile platform 6.0

 i am  trying to  apply css styles for a dropdown menu on service s studio but it works only on  a single level it doesnt support multi or sub levels.please any help with  regards to achieving this would be deeply appreciated.
Take a look at the dropdown menu component.
Maybe it help.
Nelson Baptista
hi nelson the dropdown control is designed for 5.1 style guide. i use version 6.0+.meanwhile i have successfully created a webblock for the drop down but the background image for the menu is not displaying.i used google chrome code inspector to debug,it keeps giving me failure to load resources and images.but the funny thing is that i imported all the resources properly set them to deploy to target directory and even added the javascript at the preparation screen of my web block using the add javascript tag.you cancheck out the screenshot to see the distorted display.thanks

Hi ,
some months ago I published a menu that makes multi levels
heres the link http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=202