integration with Oracle data base....

integration with Oracle data base....

hi all,

i have to integrate outsystem application with oracle database,
i have developed a business process(Request Approvals application),where user can send different types of request to their managers like Leave Request,Resignation Request and so on...when a user get login on this site(outsystem application) then this application will get the employee information like employee joining date,total service etc to their oracle data base (version 10 g),that is at local server with in company..

So Is This Possible...?
and what are the best solution to solve this....
any suggesstion would be highly appreciated....

Best Regards..

Hi Ishar,

I assume the DB that the Agile Platform is using is not the same one as the Oracle where you have the employee info, right?

If that is the case, I believe the best bet would be to create a linked server from your Agile Platform DB (I assume it's an SQL Server) to the employee Oracle DB. Then I would use Integration Studio to import entities from the linked server DB into an Extension, consume that extension from your eSpace and retrieve the employee information normally.