Avoid same transactions twice..

Avoid same transactions twice..

Dear developers,

I have the following problem:

webscreen 1 :   create a record and continue to webscreen 2
webscreen 2:    Add related parts to the record from webscreen 1 and continue to webscreen 3
webscreen 3:    finalise record (move parts from temp table to destination table) and go to webscreen 4

when the user is @ webscreen 4 he is able to go back to webscreen 3 and run the action again. How can i avoid this?

(im running version 5.1 )

Thank you in advance.

Hi Frits,

If you're doing the several stages on a TEMP table and then "commiting" it to your official table, at the end of WebScreen3 I would either delete the ongoing record from the TEMP table, or mark it as Completed or something (i.e. add an extra boolean attribute just to flag that the edit process was finished and that draft is outdated).

Then, in the WebScreen3 (or 2) preparation, if TEMP record isn't there or is "Completed" I'd throw an exception and lead it to a "No further editing possible on this record" screen.