How does ExcelToRecordList works when I have multiple sheets and I don't set the "Sheet Name" property?
Does it try to import all the sheets or just the last one?

I have an Excel file with multiple sheets. I just want to import the first sheet, but all the files have different sheet names, so I can't set the sheet name to import.
I don't know what would be the correct behavior of this widget when a sheet name is not set. By default it should:

1. Import just the first sheet
2. Import just the last sheet
3. Try to import all the sheets of the Excel file

I've found this in Service Studio Help:

"The Excel sheet that is loaded depends on what is set in the Sheet name property; the expression is evaluated and the following algorithm is applied:

- If, from the evaluation, the resulting sheet name exists in the Excel file, the data from that sheet is loaded into the Record List;
- If the expression is not defined or its evaluation result is empty:
     - If there is a sheet called "Sheet1", the data from that sheet is loaded into the Record List variable. All other sheets are ignored;
     - Else, the content of the first sheet found in the Excel file is loaded into the Record List variable. All other sheets are ignored.
- If the evaluation of the expression does not correspond to any sheet in the Excel file, then a general exception is generated and you must handle it."

I don't understand why the widget is trying to find a sheet with sheet name "Sheet1". If it doesn't find a sheet with the specified name, it should import the first one.
In most cases "Sheet1" is the first sheet, so this rule is not needed at all. If you create a new sheet, give it a name, and preserve the "Sheet1", the application will try to import the wrong sheet.

One question: the rule just works with "Sheet1" in english or any language like "Folha1" in portuguese?

In my opinion this rule should be removed.
One solution to this problem would be if we could set the sheet index instead of the sheet name. Is many cases is a better solution. I already created an "idea" in the wisdom of crowds regarding this.