So it's your birthday boss? Haha

So it's your birthday boss? Haha

A few weeks ago our manager completed one more year in his life.
So we decided to give him a little something that I would like to share with you guys.

This is what we came up with.
Here's a day in the life of Pedro Soeiro:

We printed it on a polo shirt and gave it to him.
@Antonio, You are one very funny guy :)

Love the images, they are quite neat!

Very, very cool - just twitted this post! LOL

True - that's Pedro indeed ;)

I'm sure he had a blast - kudos for the creativity. 


Awesome ! :)

Look at my OutSystems experience code =)

My OutSystems Experience! 

@Chinita and @Roxo: Too much free time! :)

But, great!! Very funny topic!

Helder, we make our own free time. We're just overproductive. :P
Yes, that's an OutSystems trademark ;)
really nice and funny
Hey Antonio Chinita,

Really creative code.

Hats off your imagination.
António Chinita is one creative hacker!
thats a classy way of making up :) good going