Database connnect problem !!

Database connnect problem !!

Hi ,
I would like to using SQL Server Management  Studio Express to connect to our server 
for example my server address is :  , so what is my server name I should use to connect to ?


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I'm not sure what your full setup is... is it the case that you installed the Community Edition of the Platform on this machine and you previously did not have an SQL Server running there?

Please let us know so I can help you better.


You're so kind ,the first person respond to me .
Actually , my partner gives me a server with an address  and  admin account , so i would like to use my sql server management to connect directly to Database
I wonder how to use my admin account to do that.

Thank !
Hi again,

I'm still not 100% sure what your scenario is... If you have the machine name and an admin login (and password) it should be just a matter of entering that into the Server Name + Login + Password fields of the "Connect to Server" dialog in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, choosing "SQL Server Authentication" as the Authentication type.

After that, by expanding the Databases folder on the left tree you should see all your databases.