Restore a E-Space From Personal Area

Restore a E-Space From Personal Area

I Had working all day and testing my aplication in Personal Area. ( last friday)

Now i want to get the e-space with my last work and found that my local OML and Last Published E-Space are from a oldther date.

when i browse my local areal outsystems-d......\myname\aplication i can see the last work.

Is ther any way to recover my work.??? PLEASE  VERY URGENT!!!
Hello Nuno,

If you say the your work is still available in your Personal Area, there's still a hope :)

If you have access to the server, go to OUTSYSTEMS_HOME\share\eSpaceName\eSpaceName_YourLogin.oml

copy it to some other place. Open it in Service Studio, and check if that's the one you want...

Let me know if it worked.


Pedro Manuel
1 Million Thks... U save my day ...

Best regards,

Nuno Cachinho

Hi Pedro,

I have a situation here.

When I tried to merge my work on personal area to the published one, the service studio crashed.

I successfully recovered my work but when opening it, it returns an error.


Alexis Pelo

Hi Alexis, 

Please submit the error you got through Service Studio submit feedback (it should popup if you get any error). It would also help if you show us the error message and any details when posting to the forums.


Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the reply, but I already fixed it. :)

Sorry to bother.


Alexis Pelo