How to blow up an eSpace :)

I was dealing with the message "There was an error contacting ´localhost"´, searching the forum for answeres, when i realised that the fault was mine.
During some tests i've isolated an Ajax refresh, between two dummy assign conectors, and that was the origin of the problem.

So, if you want to play with infinite loops in OutSystems world, just drop an Ajax Refresh between two dummy assing conectors ;)

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Luís Tavares da Silva

Due to an "logical" error, this could effectivly hapen in an real world solution
Hi Luis and welcome to the Community!

As for your post, have you been able to replicate that cycle on a small eSpace? There shouldn't be any relation between the assign nodes and a refresh node between them causing a cycle. I can only imagine that hapenning with something like refreshing a widget that contains an escaped expression with javascript that in turn does the post again...

Let us know,

Hi Miguel

No i did not take time to isolate the causes, in my project.
I will keep that in mind, and when i have spare time i let you know about my discoverings !

If you can attach an example of that behaviour would be awsome

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