How to find out next character alphabetically?

How to find out next character alphabetically?

Lets say i have a action that receives text "A".How to return "B"

You could convert it to its decimal value and then increase 1 to it. Every character has a decimal value maped on the ascii table.
For example: A = 10, B = 11

Yes but if i make
TextToDecimal("A") it gives me 0 and it should be 65 from the table
What you need it's a ascii to int and int to ascii converters, which are not part of the OS platform default functions...

My advice would be to use the Integration Studio and create the 2 functions

The code should be something like:
string str = char.ConvertFromUtf32(65)

Those were quick examples of how to make what u want, there are better ways of doing them

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