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Published on 2012-11-16 by Miguel Ventura
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Published on 2012-11-16 by Miguel Ventura
Hi there,

I was trying to publish this component in version and it doesn-te allow me to do that because of the following error:
"The file you are trying to open is from a more recent version ( If you want to open this file you must contact OutSystems in order to upgrade Integration Studio.:
em OutSystems.IntegrationStudio.Core.Aggregator.Aggregator.ProjectLoad(Upgrader upgrader)
em OutSystems.IntegrationStudio.Core.Utils.CommandLineTestUtils.VerifyAndDump(OutSystemsPlatform nativeStack, Boolean forceCodeAddition, String inputPath, String outputPath)."

This component is incompatible with version

Best regards,
@Pedro, You will need to contact outsystems to downgrade the solution to
Thanks for your help Robert.

But seems like the component wasn't developed by OutSystems... You think they can help?

Also, it says that the component is compatible with 6.0+ platform.. There's been a mistake!

Pedro Domingues

Hi guys,

Indeed Agile Platform components 6.0.1.* and not compatible with 6.0.0.* components. As you can see in the description of the 6.0.1.* components:


  • Compatible with Platform Server release 6.0, versions or later
  • Compatible with Service Studio release 6.0, versions or later
  • Compatible with Integration Studio release 6.0, versions or later

@ Swiitch Pty Limited, Could you please fix the component requirements to 6.0.1.* (or

@ Pedro, I suggest you to upgrade your Agile Platform to 6.0.1 to be able to used this component.


João Portela

Hi all,

While i am trying to Publish this component, it says
  Invalid Intellectual Property You are trying to Upload or Publish a Solution that was created in a Platform Server with a different License than Platform Server and its Intellectual Property is Protected.<br/>You cannot Upload or Publish Solutions with Protected Intellectual Property that were created in Platform Servers with a License different than the Platform Server one.

I am currently running the Community Edition of the Agile Platform (thus Community License). Is this error because of this and if yes, how can i upload or publish components with a different license on my Community License Platform?

Thanks in advance!
Pedro Coelho wrote:
 Thanks for your quick reply.

I just did what you said, by inputing my email, my activation code (a banch of zeros
and browsed for the osp file of twitter api. I received an email which said click here, but there was no link to click.

So whats next?

There is a known bug in found in "TwitterGetUser", when you attempt to get the user's twitter account detail an error will occur.

This issue is caused via twitter extension "Twitter_GetUser" method, there is something wrong with the data conversion for one of the fields.

(We previously fixed this issue but misplaced the solution, if you fix it, please report back here).

someone has fixed this bug in "Twitter_GetUser"?

Hey I have solution.
Go to the integration studion of your version.
Try to publish that file in your integration studio.
Then go to your service studio.
You will have to add references.
Then refresh those references and publish it.
As per these steps it run in my service studio 7.0.0. version.