Can Outsystems do this???

Dear Community, 

We have few requirements (mentioned below) and we are looking if outsystems can do that or not?

  1. We execute a stored procedure and get list of data.
  2. We then pass this list to RecordListToExcel in built action which converts list into a binary data.
  3. We then want to create an excel file from this binary data on a location. This can be easily achieved using File_WriteBinary action.
  4. But we have two additional requirement as well. First is hiding one of the columns of that excel sheet and second is to give name of the first worksheet created.
Please suggest us how could we achieve this in Outsystems. Any suggestion is welcome at this stage.

Dear Community,

Any suggestions? This is a bit urgent so please pour in your suggestions.

Hi Shiva,

You can hide column by not selecting it during the RecordListToExcel, another option is to build a custom excel than can be also useful for the second requirement. To build it custom you can check this post:: Multi-tab Excel Report

Basically, it creates a MHT document that is support by the MS Excel

Paulo Garrudo

Dear Paulo,

Many thanks for your response. By the time I explore Multi Tab Excel Report, I would like to elaborate my first requirement a bit more.

As suggested by you, not selecting the columns in oml will not include those columns in the excel. However, my requirement is to have those columns in the excel file but in the form of hidden columns. For example I have 4 attributes (lets say A, B, C and D) of my entity and I want to export its data in an excel file. In addition, I want attribute B to be available in the excel file but as a hidden column. Thus resulted excel file will have columns as A, C and D while B would be hidden. Is this possible?

I'm exploring Multi Tab Excel Report, so will let you know in case of any issues.


The sample project you have attached in the link provided below for  Multi Tab Excel Report was probably saved by an older version of Outsystems and thus I'm not able to open it and look at it. Attached is the snapshot of the error. May I please have this project in version 5.1 as I'm using this version.

I just did an upgrade to the version 4.2, you an use the attached zip file to upgrade to the version that you are using.
Just an extra information, you can check how to hide columns using the MS Excel and export it to "Single File Web Page (mht)".