All I want for Crunchies is you!

All I want for Crunchies is you!



The Crunchies, now on its fifth year, are one of the biggest awards in the tech industry meant to celebrate and promote people and companies that best embody excellence in many areas of our industry.

This year we at OutSystems felt our ongoing commitment to cloud development, namely in terms of the Agile Platform and our (free) sandbox trial offer, warranted us the chance to dream about being nominated, and then win the best Cloud-based service/application category of these awards!

Do you agre with us? Do you love the Agile Platform, this Community and the empowering and positive attitude we together bring to cloud-based development? If so, you can help us get nominated!

For this to happen we need the largest amount of online votes by December 13th.

Voting is a two-click matter: simply follow this link and press Nominate to put us up for Crunchies (sounds painful, but it's sweet!)! And you can even vote again every 24 hours!

Many thanks in advance for making this an awards cerimony to remember!


Hi everyone,

Quick followup to this thread: some people have been asking what became of the Crunchies nomination voting. We just learned that the finalists for this (new) category of Best Cloud Service are in and despite your valiant efforts in voting for us it seems we didn’t make the cut this year.

Looking at the finalists, I see a set of interesting products that address fairly specific needs within the Cloud/distributed ecosystem like task list management, integrated authentication,  a telephony API, online collaboration, crowd-sourced threat prevention and the ubiquitous DropBox. As a user and developer myself it’s always rewarding to hear about other enterprises that set out to do something and do it well, so I would like to congratulate these companies!

Despite the Agile Platform being a fair bit more ambitious than most products, we at OutSystems also strive to live by this “do it well” motto.  Thus, our turn will come.  As our ranks grow, we shall be back!

Who’s up for Crunchies 2012? :-)

Thanks again,