Web- -> Mobile-Application

Web- -> Mobile-Application

ive got a web application and im thinking about making it mobile compatible

is there an easy way to create a mobile application,
based on a web application (with the same content and similar functionality),
without having to rebuild everything?

and how are web and mobile application linked, to share the data?

thank you in beforehand!

A mobile web app user experience is different from a standard web app, therefore there is no easy way to create a mobile web app, but to built it from scratch.

Actions: If you are going to reuse functionality that you have already built in your web app in your mobile app, it would be highly recommanded and an ideal choice to reuse the same actions in both applications.

You can do this in two ways
1) Expose the actions and have your mobile app eSpace consume the actions
2) Expose your actions via SOAP web service and have your mobile app eSpace consume the web service actions.

thank you robert

i found the public property and activated it for the necessary actions and entities
now i can access them through add/remove references

yet i seem to be having a login issue on the mobile application now
when i try to login, i endup at the login screen again (without error message or so)
and if i try a bogus user/pw i get the invalid login message
what can this be?
nevermind, i got it working now

i set the application server type to ".NET"
and disabled cookies in the main application properties
then the login via iphone works

thank you for your help robert!