excel file to record widget....

Good Morning Every One 

When user select an excel file(using brows button),i have to read the file content and show them in table Record widget at same time..

for example :excel file contain( Item name, Item Number, Discription,Unit Price,etc)

is this possible...?

any idea please....


Hi Ishar,

Yes you can do it. Simply use the ExcelToRecordList action in the screen action that gets called after submit. You should pass in to the File Content property of this action the UploadWidget.Content and set a Record Definition compatible with the Excel layout. Check the Service Studio ExcelToRecordList help for details.

The ExcelToRecordList will then have in its output the Record List you want that you can save to the database or feed into the variable that the Table Record uses.


Hi Miguel

thank you for pointing in right direction...

its solved.....